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ICBM 2012 Congress



Getting Research into Policy and Practice: Advancing the Science for Dissemination and Implementation in Behavioral Medicine

ICBM 2012 Satellite Forum

Wednesday 29 August, 2012

Jointly organized by the International Collaborative Studies Committee, the Organisation Liaison Committee and the INSPIRE special interest group, the ICBM 2012’s Pre-Congress Forum  successfully drew on the knowledge and experience of expert speakers and forum participants from around the world, in order:

  • to learn more about research related to the implementation of research findings into policy and practice as applied to health issues in different settings and countries.
  • to learn more about theoretical frameworks, models, research approaches and measures that can be used to undertake dissemination and implementation research in behavioral medicine.
  • to identify ways of working together in the future to further advance the evidence base for better implementation and translation of behavioural medicine interventions, globally.

The speakers’ presentations addressed the following questions:

  • What do we mean by dissemination and implementation?
  • What are some of the significant theoretical models and approaches being used? What is the state of evidence?
  • What methods and strategies have been used for dissemination and implementation?
  • What research and evaluation methods and measures have been used?
  • How is it possible to maximise the impact on policy and practice?

All of the presentations are now available from the ISBM website. Please select the topics that you are interested in by selecting the corresponding links below.
There has already been discussion about conducting a similar forum at next ICBM Congress in The Netherlands in 2014!

Brian Oldenburg, AUSTRALIA
Carina Chan, MALAYSIA
Vish Viswanath, USA


The Presentations


Welcome and Opening Remarks
Brian Oldenburg


Dissemination and Implementation – What is the Global Challenge?


Dissemination, implementation and translation – What are they?
Jean Claude Mbanya


Sustainability: The Achilles Heel of Translation
Stephen Weiss



What are some of the approaches being used? What is the state of the evidence base?



The natural history of implementing sustainable peer support efforts to improve diabetes management and control in Uganda
Linda Baumann


Should Screening for Type 1 Diabetes Risk be Widely Disseminated?
Suzanne Bennett Johnson


A Community Participatory Model for Improving Dissemination and Implementation
Vish Viswanath


Lessons learnt in developing a peer support program to improve diabetes management in Anhui, China
Xuefeng Zhong



What methods and strategies have been used for dissemination and implementation?



Advancing the science for dissemination and implementation of HIV/AIDS prevention interventions in Africa
Geoff Setswe


HIV prevention in Low Income Communities: Challenges & opportunities for dissemination
Deborah Jones


Concepts and strategies in promotion of best practices in peer support: Lessons from Peers for Progress around the world
Ed Fisher



What research methods and measures have been used?



Implementation fidelity in a drug abuse and HIV prevention program in South Africa: Taking an experimental approach to establish what works
Linda Collins


Promoting the dissemination of community support programs for individuals with adverse childhood experiences in California
Linda Cameron



How to maximise the impact on policy and practice?



Introducing evidence informed practice to policymakers
Bonnie Spring


Some issues on translation of research conducted by foreign researchers in China
Joseph Lau


How to improve evidence uptake into policy and practice in the future : Some lessons and observations.
Guo Yan, China


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