Health and Behavior International Collaborative (HBIC) Awards

Boost your research with an international mentor!

The Health & Behavioral International Collaborative (HBIC) Award is designed to facilitate collaborations with international lab or research group under the guidance of a mentor. The award is intended for graduate students, residents, professional students and early career professionals.


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The application period for 2023 is now closed. Please check back for future award opportunities.

Health and Behavior International Collaborative Award Recipients 2023

 Congratulations to our Health and Behavior International Collaborative Award recipients. This year, we had five recipients:


Alysha Deslippe will collaborate with Dr. Molly Byrne (University of Galway, Ireland) to better understand how to incorporate the perspectives of coaches and athletes through guidance panels. Incorporating this into the EatGen study will help increase the relevancy of the developed food education tool for student athletes and schools.

Luz Tores will collaborate with Dr. Yael Bar-Zeev (Hebrew University-Hadassah Braun School of Public Health and Community Medicine, Israel) to develop a protocol for a qualitative multi-level study to explore the barriers and facilitators for providing a brief smoking cessation intervention among hospitalized smokers with high cardiovascular risk in Bogotá. This multi-level study will include interviews with patients, healthcare professionals, and higher-level hospital administrators and stakeholders.

Tamla Evans has collaborated with the University of Newcastle, Australia to develop a cohort study examining temporal relationships between eating behaviors, mental health, and weight change in young adults in the UK and Australia. Under the mentorship of Laureate Prof Clare Collins and Prof Tracy Burrows, this award will extend the collaboration by using the findings to adapt and pilot test an Australian telehealth intervention for addictive eating (TRACE) in a UK sample of young adults, using co-production methods.

Sol Vidal Almela will collaborate with Dr. Fran Ortega and the PROFITH Research group (University of Granada, Spain) to: (1) test and communicate strategies to enhance the recruitment of females for clinical research trials, (2) acquire technical training in physiological measures related to brain and vascular health, and, (3) produce scholarly work related to sex differences in the brain and vascular health of patients with heart disease.

Elizabeth Schneider will acquire training in electroencephalography (EEG) recordings from Prof. Anja Hilbert (University of Leipzig, Germany), an expert in applied EEG techniques, to implement in a project at her home institution. The project will use EEG to measure changes in brain responses to food stimuli before and after a gut-targeted dietary intervention. These findings will inform how the gut-brain axis modulates eating behaviour, connecting eating behaviour, gut microbiome, and neural recordings for the first time in a human sample.

Health and Behavior International Collaborative Award Recipients 2022

 Congratulations to our Health and Behavior International Collaborative Award recipients. This year, we had seven recipients:


Ama Gyamfua Ampofo will collaborate with Dr Mahati Chittem (IIT Hyderabad, India) to support the design and implementation of a novel Senior High School Nurse-led Educational (SHINE) toolkit that is culturally appropriate for female high school students in Ghana and easily adaptable to similar low- and middle-income country settings.

Sophie Green's award will facilitate a collaboration with Professor Linda Collins from New York University (USA). The proposed project will involve secondary analysis of a dataset from a factorial experiment aimed at optimising the content of an information leaflet designed to increase necessity beliefs and reduce concerns about adjuvant endocrine therapy in women with breast cancer.

Dorothy Chan award will be collaborating with Dr Cannas Kwok at the Western Sydney University (Australia) to explore beliefs and perceptions about breast cancer and screening practices among South Asian women in Hong Kong using qualitative approach.

Melissa Flores will use data from the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study to understand whether parent cultural values are associated with child neurological profiles linked to prosocial behavior, with guidance from her international mentor, Dr. Nadia Corral-Frias (Universidad de Sonora, Mexico).

Hana Sediva's project includes a systematic review, a systematically designed, co-produced, theory- and evidence-based, user-centred lifestyle health-enhancing digital intervention targeting midlife women, and a pilot RCT to evaluate the feasibility and acceptability of the intervention with midlife women, together with Dr. Danielle Arigo (University of Scranton, USA).

KayLoni Olson's award will support a new international distance collaboration and mentoring relationship with Dr. Christopher Eccleston (University of Bath, UK), a leading expert in pain science, with the goal of collaboratively reviewing the pain and obesity literatures and identifying strategic gaps to guide future.research

Jessica Grub will be collaborating internationally with Dr. Jennifer Gordon from the University of Regina (Canada), to investigate sex steroid fluctuation, sleep, and depressive mood during perimenopause in a longitudinal study.

Health and Behavior International Collaborative Award Recipients 2021

 Congratulations to our Health and Behavior International Collaborative Award recipients. This year, we had eight recipients:


Arwa Ben Salah will collaborate with Mustafa al’Absi at the University of Minnesota Medical School (USA) to investigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on stress, mental health, and substance use behaviors with specific attention to regional challenges, and will also focus on identifying factors that may buffer the impact of CIVID-19 related stress.

Connor Gleadhill will collaborate with Hopin Lee at the University of Oxford (United Kingdom) to enable capacity building for clinicians performing a trial on a lifestyle behavioural approach in a regional primary care setting.

Delfin Lovelina will collaborate with Mark Parascandola at the National Cancer Institute (USA) to assess the pattern and prevalence of smokeless tobacco consumption, its associated factors for its consumption, oral cancer awareness and to derive effective cessation strategy among the users.

Rossmary Marquez-Lameda will collaborate with Ricarda Nater-Mewes at the University of Vienna to conduct a qualitative study to understand Venezuelan displaced women’s access to family planning services in Peru, including contraception.

Brett Messman will collaborate with Joshua Wiley at the Monash University (Australia) on a series of studies exploring the psychometric properties of sleep variability, sociodemographic differences in sleep variability, and the dynamics between sleep variability and mental health outcomes (e.g., insomnia, stress, anxiety, and depression).

Carley O'Neill will collaborate with Billy Sperlich at the University of Würzburg (Germany) to undertake a systematic review and meta-analysis examining sex and gender differences among cardiovascular disease patients on the impact of wearable devices on physical activity levels, usability of such devices, and adherence to cardiac rehabilitation programs.

Michelle Pebole will collaborate with Simon Rosenbaum at the University of New South Wales (Australia) to assess experiences with and perceptions of Australian accredited exercise physiologists (AEPs) about the impact of sexual violence on individuals accessing their care.

Isabela Roque Marcal will collaborate with Jennifer Reed at the University of Ottawa (Canada) to systematically review the evidence of the impact of sex and gender on the effects of exercise interventions on physical and mental health in patients with atrial fibrillation.

The Contribution to Health and Behavior International Collaborative Award 2020 has been cancelled

INSPIRATIONS Newsletter 2019

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INSPIRE webinar: "Behavioral principles to design and deliver effective health interventions. What Works?"

The INSPIRE network is pleased to invite you to attend a free 1 hour zoom webinar, "Behavioral principles to design and deliver effective health interventions. What Works?" delivered by Dr Ben Britton, PhD, Senior Clinical & Health Psychologist, Clinical Research Fellow (John Hunter Hospital & What Works in Health).


This webinar has specifically been designed for PhD Students and Early Career Researchers who have a role in designing, implementing and evaluating behavioral health interventions, and will provide an introduction to:

  • The reasons many behavior change interventions aren’t successful
  • Key principles underlying behavior change within individuals and organizations
  • How to incorporate these principles in health interventions
  • And how to design for sustainable behavior change

Two sessions will be run to cater for an international audience.

  • Tuesday 9 Feb 2021 – 1pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Time - AEDT)
  • Tuesday 9 Feb 2021 – 9am (Greenwich Mean Time – GMT)


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Health and Behavior International Collaborative Award Recipients 2019

 Congratulations to our Health and Behavior International Collaborative Award recipients. This year, we had five recipients:



Suzanne Tanya Nethan will visit Dr Tami-Maury at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Centre to contribute to a project based on assessing the use pattern of betel quid among Asian immigrants and Asian descents living in Texas



Thomas Kraynak will visit Professor Hugo Critchley at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School to adapt a standard psychological stress paradigm to experimentally manipulate cardiac viscerosensory signaling




Tess Langfield will visit Dr Philippe Gilchrist at the Macquarie University to investigate the impact of glassware design on drinking behaviours


Leslie Johnson will visit Professor Brian Oldenburg at the University of Melbourne to examine the prevalence and correlates of depression and anxiety among participants in the Kerala Diabetes Prevention Program (K-DPP) and conduct a culturally-sensitive qualitative analysis identifying anxiety triggers related to diabetes care among adults with type-2 diabetes mellitus in India



Chloe Huelsnitz will visit Professor Urte Scholz at the University of Zurich to understand how to optimize social control to improve individual and dyadic health while also maintaining or improving relationship functioning

Contribution to International Collaboration Award Recipients 2018

 Congratulations to our Contribution to International Collaboration award recipients. This year, we had four recipients:


Freddie Rivera, who will use the award to help provide training to health personnel in Puerto Rican schools to help identify trauma-related symptoms in students and assist in referring them to appropriate evidence-based mental health services.


Joshua Wiley, PhD, who will travel to Arizona USA to work with Prof Weihs on adapting an emotion regulation in cancer intervention for online and remote delivery.


Jessica Latak, PhD, will be traveling to the lab of Dr Susan Ayers to qualitatively examine women’s psychological adaptation to pregnancy, and investigate associations with postnatal mental health.


Dabiana Brito Silva, PhD, MS, BSN, will be visiting A/Prof Fabio Benedetti to adapt and evaluate intervention materials from a lifestyle modification program delivered in community settings.

Contribution to International Collaboration Award Recipients 2017

 Congratulations to our Contribution to International Collaboration award recipients. This year, we had three recipients:




Samantha van Beurden, PhD student of Medical Studies at the University of Exeter Medical School in the UK will be traveling to the lab of Dr. Petra Staiger, PhD, at Deakin University in Australia to adapt a dietary impulse management intervention for use in problem drinkers (ISBM awardee).


Lydia Roos, PhD student of Health Psychology at the University of North Carolina in the USA, will be traveling to the lab of Dr Nicolas Rohleder, PhD, at Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nurnberg in Germany to evaluate the role of emotion regulation strategies in acute stress reactivity using a repeated acute stress paradigm (SfHP awardee).



Patricia Moreno, PhD, Postdoctoral Trainee at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in the USA, will be traveling to the lab of Dr. Manual Ortiz, PhD at Universidad de La Frontera in Chile to evaluate psychosocial factors and cardiometabolic dysregulation in adult Chilean cancer survivors (APS awardee).