1. ISBM website as a forum of exchange
a) research partner search for new international research collaborative study ideas
b) search for special expertize in specific issues and problems related to international collaborative studies

2. Workshops and other sessions at ICBM conference

The next meeting is planned at the 15th International Congress of Behavioral Medicine in Santiago, 14-17 November, 2018.


The last meeting was held at the 11th International Congress of Behavioral Medicine in Washington, DC, USA, 4-7 August, 2010.

3. Existing research networks
  Network for the study of subjective and unexplained health complaints (INSUHC)
 The ICSC also has plans to develop international researchnetworks in the areas of: job stress; social support; and risk perception.

4. Exchange programmes between institutes for both junior and senior researchers.
 The Committee web page and networks can provide a platform to search for relevant exchange programmes and places in other countries. The committee cannot provide funds for exchange, but it can help in finding potential funding sources.