Partner Search for International Collaborative Studies

1. A principal investigator (PI) is requested to submit the following information to the Committee chair via e-mail as an attached Word file, with an understanding that the information may be posted on the ISBM website and newsletter, and also sent to ISBM member societies:

  • Name, degree, position and affiliation, and ISBM membership of the PI.
  • A brief description of the project (less than 300 words): Aims, subjects & methods, publication plans, and implications, study period, possible funding sources
  • Eligibility criteria of participating researchers (e.g., geographic areas/countries, human and financial resources, prior training and experiences)
  • Contact information (at least, postal address and e-mail address)
  • Information needed from those interested to join the study: Deadline, materials, etc.

2. The ICSC chair and committee members will review the proposal.

3. The ICSC chair will put the information on the ISBM/ICSC webpage and will notify the ISBM member societies about it via     e-mail.

 4. A researcher who has interest in the proposed project should directly contact the PI (or a contact person).

5. The PI will be asked by the ICSC to report annually the status of the research collaboration.

6. Once the collaboration study starts, the PI is strongly encouraged to present their products at ICBM conferences and        publish relevant papers in the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine (IJBM).

Current projects calling for participation

To be announced