Organizational Liaison Committee

The Organizational Liaison Committee is responsible for identifying, relating to and coordinating information exchange with relevant international health-related scientific organizations, (e.g., WHO, international health specialty groups, etc.). The ISBM Organizational Liaison Committee Chair is a 2-year term position.


Elizabeth Seng




As the result of our collaboration with the European Society of Cardiology, the European Guidelines On Cardiovascular Disease Prevention In Clinical Practice (Version 2012) was published in March 2012
We appreciate Drs. Christian Albus and Gunilla Burell, as well as Vish, the former Organizational Liaison Committee Chair, for their contribution in developing and reviewing the Guidelines.

New Memorandum of Understanding between the ISBM and The International Commission on Occupational Health

New Diabetes and Depression Website with access to a FTP filesharing site.

There is an initial architecture prepared to allow members of the Dialogue on Diabetes  and Depression to upload files.