Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee is responsible for developing, maintaining and updating on an ongoing basis a Strategic Plan for the International Society of Behavioral Medicine. The chair of this committee is appointed by the President of ISBM and confirmed by the Governing Council to serve a four-year term. The membership of the Strategic Planning Committee consists of those attending meetings of the Committee, which will be scheduled to take place at Governing Council meetings upon recommendation of the chair to the ISBM president. The ISBM Strategic Planning Committee Chair is a 4-year term position.


Among the responsibilities of the chair of this committee are the following:

1) chair meetings of the Strategic Planning Committee and prepare reports of the meeting to be submitted to the ISBM secretary for posting on the ISBM website;

2) monitor the implementation of any action steps that are decided at meetings of the committee, reminding those charged to carry out actions of the timelines for such actions that were voted by the committee; 

3) monitor the needs for further strategic planning activities and make recommendations to the ISBM president re need for Strategic Planning Committee meetings.



Urs M. Nater




Sherri Sheinfeld Gorin


Deborah Jones

Joseph Lau